The Neurofeedback training we are doing at the Peng Cheng school is showing its fruits!  Here is a report on some of the progress the kids are making.  I have added photos so you can see the difference in their faces.  Some of the biggest progress is happening for the kids with Cerebral Palsy.

Meet some of our little brainwave students.

LZ before training



This is LZ.   LZ has had a lot of trouble with walking and coordination. Her walk was spidery, like many kids with CP, and she could only go up stairs one at a time. She could barely speak, and was not good at academics. Even 1 + 1 = 2 was a problem.






Now she gets 100% on her math tests!

She began training last December (2010).  Slowly the changes she has made in her training have reaped a harvest.  She slowly began to make progress in her academics, and this is a picture of a math test her teacher gave her while I was watching.  She answered them all correctly, and gave me a big smile.

LZ wants to be able to run. I am sure she will!

Here is another small friend!

LY is adopted, and was born with Cerebral Palsy.  She used to talk more, but she slowly stopped talking, and seemed like she was sinking into a deep depression.


When we started training we had no idea how she would respond.  But even a little change would be better than nothing.  Her Aunt came with her when she trained, and she began to notice some changes.

She began training in December 2010, and had a training session once or twice a month after that.

In March her Aunt reported that she was “better at home.”

In April, 2011, she was making “BIG” progress, beginning to focus in class on what the teacher was saying, and try to speak, making a few sounds.  She can’t speak yet, but she is trying.

Her Aunt also told us she isn’t drooling anymore, and her teacher is very pleased with her progress.

In May her Aunt told us that although she used to have very disturbed sleep, that now she was sleeping well at night. She is also becoming more coordinated.

In June, she can blow kisses and say “good-bye” and loves to go to school.  Look at our new LY!

The teachers say LY has been transformed into a happy child, ready to laugh and happy to play with friends.